Business review

It is true that for most people, success from business has come with hard work and good organisation. However times are changing and when the terrain is uncertain, it is prudent to think a few steps ahead before taking the next step and review what is going on. This is what planning is all about: knowing where the next step is going to fall before it actually falls.

We will work with you to analyse a number of other sources of information and construct a business review that is based not only on the information gained from your cash flow statements but also on other influencing factors. It can also be used when working with other parties so that all are aware of your vision, your mission and outcomes for your business.

  • Introductory phone call
  • On-farm visit * – gather information to gain a better understanding of the overall current financial structure before carrying out a business review
  • Draft report & follow-up phone call with Agricultural Business Analysis
  • Final report – review of historical performance, cash-flow forecast and future business plan that ties in with an overall business review
  • On-farm meeting

* free visit within 50 miles

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