Future cash flow

Having a cash-flow statement is vitally important for an business or project. A cash flow statement is a listing of cash flows that occurred during the past accounting period.  A projection of future flows of cash is called a cash flow budget.  You can think of a cash flow budget as a projection of the future deposits and withdrawals to your checking account.

A cash flow is not only concerned with the amount of the cash flows but also the timing of the flows. Lack of cash flow is often the stumbling block to many plans. Identifying periods with a potential cash flow surplus or deficit allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise or to plan for periods when cash is short.

Knowing the future cash flow for your business is essential and we will work with you to compare, monitor and analyse the information recorded in your cash flow statement to help you make informed decisions for your business.


  1. Introductory phone call
  2. On-farm visit * – gather information
  3. Draft report & follow-up phone call with Agricultural Business Analysis
  4. Final report – review and cash-flow forecast
  5. On-farm meeting

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