Group business performance

Group business performance will be tailored to suit your needs.

There are a variety of ways in which to collect data to benchmark your business. Benchmarking aims to contribute to the creation of a more competitive agricultural industry through the provision of quality information to farmers and growers from which they can make business decisions. Sometimes the way in which data is collected may not fit in with your particular business. If you are interested in looking at how your business is preforming against others then this is the perfect package for you.

In the initial stages all parties will agree the methods of collecting information, be it physical and/or  financial data. At Agricultural Business Analysis we believe in keeping communication open with issues being discussed and everyone being heard to build up trust amongst all parties and so ensure that the data analysis can be used effectively to inform improvement.  We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to the meet the needs of our clients as well as finding solutions to drive forward improvement.

Compare performance with a group 3-6 producers in a similar agricultural sector.

  • Introductory phone call to all producers
  • Meeting with all members of the group ***
  • On-farm visit – gather information on business (depends on type of agricultural business)
  • Draft report & follow-up phone call with Agricultural Business Analysis
  • Individual business performance –looking at historical performance
  • Final report –recommendations for future performance and efficiencies
  • Final report and group discussion on business performance ***

*** location, date and time to be arranged by Agricultural Business Analysis

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Group business performance can be carried out in other ways using information that is openly available from other companies in the agricultural sector.

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