Cost of production

“The outlook for global agriculture is relatively bright with strong demand, expanding trade and high prices. But this picture assumes continuing economic recovery. If we fail to turn the global economy around, investment and growth in agriculture will suffer and food security may be compromised”, reported the OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría at the launch of the 2013 OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook.

Why should I look at Cost of Production?

With an ever increasing global demand for food, businesses in the agricultural sector need to be looking at ways in which they calculate their cost of production so they can plan for the future. Agricultural Business Analysis will work with you to highlight areas that allow you to judge what is needed to maintain or increase profitability.

Why work with Agricultural Business Analysis?

Agricultural Business Analysis will assist you in establishing a method of identifying cost increases or review the current system you have in place. We will help you establish the total cost of production for an individual item so you can monitor actual costs against forecast costs. We will go through the process together looking at costs and targets. This process will help you identify areas where you can produce efficiency but also allow you then to take control of managing your own costs when confident of the process.

What is our approach?  Firstly we listen through discussion and consultation. Based on our knowledge and experience we would then explain our thinking behind the findings, make a plan and work with you over a period of time.

We can also assist if you feel that you just need to reassess your cost of production on a smaller scale.

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